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Cultural Orientation

Cultural Orientation for Foreign Missionaries

Missions Purse Missionary Orientation Program for Foreign Missionaries

Ghana has over two hundred years been receiving foreign missionaries who have in no small way contributed to the evangelization and development of the country especially in the areas of education and commerce. Several missionaries have done excellently well whiles several had also had some slipups bothering on the culture of the people.

This program has been designed to brief missionaries and visitors who intend to work or live among local indigenes for a reasonable amount of time. It is meant to provide a fair knowledge of some of the basic Ghanaian culture, the main people groups in the country and their cultures and further provide some information on important historical and tourist sites. These are meant to provide a smooth cultural adaptation and to avoid any cultural shocks etc.

We offer this on a moderate cost depending on the needs of our clients.

We hope to hear from you as you plan to visit and work in our beautiful country and to enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the Ghanaian people and to see some of our historical and cultural sites.

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