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Missions Purse is run by reputable men and women passionate for spreading the love of God through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ripe fields of unreached peoples and communities, the opportunities of service and the command of the master as stated in the gospel of John compels and spurs us on to help fulfill our Lord’s mandate.

We work together to make our cause known, to reach out to other groups who share our vision. Whether you’re ready to lend a hand at one of our activities or have photos or articles to share about a recent event, here’s the place to do it.

MISSIONS PURSE has put in place the following programs aimed at providing support, capacity building, and development for indigenous Ghanaian and African missionaries and communities.

1. Empowering Missionary Spouses

Supporting Missionary Spouse

 Missions Purse mobilizes funds to provide grants to missionary spouses as a seed capital to undertake appropriate business ventures that would help them generate extra income to cushion the missionary’s meager income and to help meet the basic needs of the family. Your contribution will help keep a missionary family on the field. Learn More

2. Educational Scholarship For Missionary Kids

Missions Purse Educational Support and Scholarship

Most missionary communities in Ghana and Africa rarely have good educational facilities thus denying most missionary children the best of education and thus leaving most of them irritated with the ministry. Missions Purse intends to partner with kind-hearted groups and individuals to provide scholarships for Missionary kids in standard boarding schools and universities. As you give for this cause you are helping to prepare well equipped missionaries for the next generation. Learn More

3.   Food. Clothing And Logistics

Missionary Support from Missions Purse

Meeting the felt needs of people has always been a good tool for evangelization since Bible times. Missions Purse mobilizes clothing (new and used), logistics like motor bicycles, bicycles, digital cameras, 4×4 vehicles, laptop computers, non-perishable food items and others for missionaries and missions communities to enhance the cause of missions in Ghana and Africa. Everything is useful, let nothing be lost (Jn. 6:12). Share what you have and what you cannot use to be blessing to others. Learn More

4.  Training/Capacity Building

Missions Purse Leadership and Partnership Workshop

Missions Purse partner organizations to provide missions training, mission’s awareness programs and capacity building programs for the Christian community and missionaries to promote the cause of missions. Learn More

 5.  Community Development Projects

Missions Purse Community Health Development

Missions Purse identifies appropriate projects in mission’s communities and partner organizations, churches, philanthropist who has a heart to contribute to the development of such communities. Most communities lack schools, portable water, churches and need education in several aids, personal hygiene etc. Learn More

6.  Cultural Orientation

Cultural Orientation for Foreign Missionaries

Missions Purse has designed a module that provides cultural orientation for foreign missionaries who are visiting Ghana to help them easily adapt to our culture and environment. Learn More

7.  Networking and Partnership

Missions Purse Projects and Networking Initiatives
  1. Missions Purse provides a platform where other missionaries can be connected with other missionaries globally.

2. We also provide opportunities for groups and individuals to visit mission’s fields.

3. We provide avenues for groups and individuals who want undertake short-term and long-term mission’s trip.

Learn More

8. Support For Distressed Onfield and Aged Missionaries

Support for Distressed Onfield Missionaries and Retired Aged Missionary

Foreign Missionaries in cross Cultural missions working among indigenous peoples group in Africa under stressed and uncertainty. Prayer becomes their source of strength and hope in the world of uncertainty.

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